Convention programme - friday

Dear visitors,

Since many of you will be travelling already on Friday, so that you could catch Saturday`s programme from morning on. For you we have prepared special Friday evening programme in the form of playing blockbuster movies of japanese cinematography.

Since 7:00 PM we will be playing movie Attack on Titans, which was published only recently in the summer and everyone knows that this theme is very popular. You will be able to see this movie on a big cinema screen exclusively. Right after the first movie another popular movie will await you - pilot movie of a new J-dorama Death Note. Story is completelly new - it does not copy any existing manga or anime, so you can be excited to see something new in a familiar enviroment. And for the end we have prepared for you 30-minutes long bonus from Swedish production Kung Fury, which became a cult on internet for lovers of martial art movies from the 80s. 

There are many ways how to spend Friday evening. We are offering you one of such options, so that you know we are thinking of you. Looking forward to see you!

Programme - Friday:

19:00 Attack on Titan - Live Action (2015, 100 min., jap. dub, sk subtitles)

20:45 Death Note J-Dorama - pilot movie (2015, 70 min., jap dub, sk subtitles)

22:00 BONUS: Kung Fury (2015, 30 min., eng dub, sk subtitles)