Results of competitions

It is already end of the festival, so let's recall this year's winners of the Nipponfest & Hangukon's contests. 

Cosplay contest:

  1. place: Kiri
  2. place: Pauli
  3. place: Niky

Karaoke contest: 

  1. place: Kiri
  2. place: Lina Kei & Emush Lee
  3. place: Michaelis, Fifi a Ťapo

K-pop contest:

  1. place: DesireX
  2. place: Mixtery
  3. place: Elleanor

AMV contest:

  1. place: HeroKratz, Without Future
  2. place: Celeby, SNB me
  3. place: Moonfang, Masayume

Anime quiz:

  1. place: Mew2
  2. place: Toshi
  3. place: Adam Michalec

Congratulations to all winners, good job! :)


Your organization team