Tickets presale

Dear friends, as many of you already know tickets pre-sale is in full swing. This year we are offerring unchanged pre-sale ticket price but more fun. Pre-sale ticket is valid for all 3 days.

Using inviton web it is possible to buy the presale ticket, where after the payment you will receive unique barcode. You have to take the barcode with you to the convention. Using this barcode we will be able to handle the visitors at entry much faster and at the same time we will avoid big queue in front of the convention entry out in the cold November weather, which we believe many of you will appreciate.

Beside this virtual presale many of you will surely appreciate the option to buy physical tickets. Together with partners from funtastic we have prepared this option for you. However there is only limited number of presale tickets out there and presale ends on 6.11.2015. So you have to hurry up in order not to miss the presale. If however for some reason you'll miss the presale, don't worry. It'll be possible to buy tickets on site. You will find more info on our web in category "Buy tickets". You can find link to this category on right side of our web above facebook widget.

If you have any questions or you are not sure about something, please do not hesitate to contact us. We§ll be glad to help.

Your convention staff