Visitor rules

  1. The visitor is obliged to behave acording with the Slovak Republic legislation
  2. It is forbiden to bring in, harbour and/or consume alcoholol and alcoholic beverages in the area of the festival.
  3. It is forbiden to bring in, carry or use any narcotic drugs and/or psychotronic substanc in the area of the festival.
  4. Visitors under the influence of alcohol or other substances harassing other visitors, will be removed from the festival without refund.
  5. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  6. Hookahs are prohibited in the area of ​​the festival.
  7. Visitors are required to wear the tape (ticket) in a visible place. If it is teared down, the ticket becomes invalid. THe demolished ticket will not be replaced.
  8. If anyone dirty any of the areas on the festival, he is obliged to put it to its original state.
  9. It is forbiden to consume food or drinks in the cinema room.
  10. If someone casuses demage to property of the organizators or other visitors, he is obligated to pay for rhe damage.
  11. It is forbiden for guests to connect to the electrical system.
  12. Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the organizers - organizers will be properly marked.
  13. It is forbidden to physically or verbally attack other participants.
  14. You can't stay overnight at the festival. You can find hotels with discounts for our festival in the Accommodations section.
  15. Posters and advertising may be displayed or plastered only at the marked locations and in agreement with the main organizer.
  16. Any weapons are prohibited at the festival, replicas for cosplay must be reported to and approved at the info desk.
  17. With dummy weapons used as part of cosplay, must be handled to avoid injury to other visitors, and they must be reported at the info desk.
  18. It is not allowed to bring any animals to the festival.
  19. It is prohibited to enter or use toilets of the oposing gender.
  20. There will be provided an dressing room for jackets and personal belongings. The organizers are not liable for any unsaved, stolen things in the visitor area of ​​the festival.
  21. The organizers reserve the right to supplement the rules and if the visitor violates these rules, the organizers reserve the right to adequate punishment, which may include abandonment of the festival without refund of admission.